Universal E-Bike Charging Station – advantages

Hi, everyone. Today let us point out a few unique advantages of our e-bike charging station, which is completely developed and produced in Slovenia.

Advantage No. 1 - home production

By placing production of the e-bike charging station in Slovenia, our company’s home country, we have left a lot of space for various modifications and upgrades, considering occurring new demands of the market and also individual needs of every customer.

For the installation of this beautiful e-bike charging station, only a quality electrical connection 230V AC – 16A and a solid base with 4 screws are needed.

In 2022 this charging station for electric bikes will also be available with a unique micro power plant that will be able to storage enough energy to as well take care of the lightning of the space around the charging station. No electric plug will be needed in this case (project in progress).

RAL color scale available for the station.

Advantage No. 2 - security of the users

While developing, we have dedicated a lot of attention to the security of the electric bike charging station, so it is safe to use any place any time.

When comparing our e-bike charging station to the majority of other similar products of pillar design, its advantage lies in the cabinet that will lock up with four digit code or RFID card. This allows users to safely store and lock their e-bike batteries and chargers, while they can use the charging time to their benefit – go for a walk, a cup of coffee …

There is no need to worry about the expensive e-bike battery being stolen, because it is safely locked inside the cabinet.

Advantage No. 3 - multifunctionality

At the same time, users can charge their mobile phones, power banks and other similar devices in the cabinet. Also other valuable object and devices can be safely stored inside, while the cabinet is locked.

The pillar version of our e-bike station has an e-bike parking option from all sides of the charging station. Supporting pillar also serves as a stand for electric bike, which can safely be locked to a charging station by a simple bike lock.

We also offer this e-bike charging station with a quality service tools and a pump. Tools are suitably mounted on a bracket.

Advantage No. 4 - additional security elements

Another security advantage of the station is, that while connecting or disconnecting cables, there is no electricity in the sockets until the cabinet’s doors are closed. Electricity is available only when the doors are closed and will automatically disconnect as soon as the doors are opened. This is especially important in the rainy or stormy weather. With the products that have sockets installed outside, there is always a danger of sockets getting wet, which can be life threatening to persons with pacemakers. In the cabinet of our station, the sockets, battery, adapter and other user’s devices are safely stored inside.

There is also an additional security element installed for cases, when there is a short circuit on the user’s device.

Advantage No. 5 - innovative cabinet

The basis of the system is the CABINET, that can be wall-mounted (there is no need for a stand) or is fixed on a customized stand (usually we offer our standard stand, which is also used for e-bike parking and locking). Available are also different designs of the stand if needed or wanted.

The cabinet offers:

    1. power consumption display,
    2. 4x sockets 230V AC,
    3. 4x USB slots,
    4. the possibility of direct connection of 4 cables of 230V AC,
    5. the possibility of simultaneous charging of 4 e-bike batteries and 4 USB devices,
    6. charging can be payable or free of charge with an RFID card (wristband or numeric code, also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option),
    7. charging can be limited in time – it is adjustable,
    8. the casing of the cabinet is made of stainless, additionally powder-coated sheet metal,
    9. the cabinet is also available without the digital lock, in this case it can be used by four different customers at the same time.

Advantage No. 6 - functional LED illumination

The cabinet and the dial board are illuminated with different colors, indicating the operation mode of the station (green for standby and ready to use, yellow for charging, yellow flashing for: charging has completed and red for: charging disabled – the switch inside the locker must be moved to ON position.

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