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Your partner in the fields of green energy, computing, electronics, and IT equipment.

Founded on innovation and expertise from the very beginning

Bojan Ivančič, a graduate electrical engineer, designed and executed the vision and foundation for a company that quickly and successfully established itself in the Slovenian market in 1992. Prior to making the decision to start his own business, he played a leading and highly respected role in shaping the global development of computing together with Iskra Delta. The company’s early days brought numerous Golden Monitors for the exceptional quality and speed of the computers it released on the market. This was followed by recognition of the company, which impressed with its expertise and reliability at the national level. The company’s list of references includes many public institutions and companies that have entered into contracts for the supply and maintenance of computer equipment, including numerous faculties, schools, banks, municipalities, as well as small and large commercial enterprises. This brought rapid growth to the company. Alongside the delivery and maintenance of computer systems, the company successfully built up its retail sales and introduced equipment for the establishment of video surveillance systems. Many hotels, restaurants, bars, churches, and residential buildings were equipped.

Data recovery laboratory no. 1 in Slovenia

Parallel to the rapid advancement of computer technologies, the need for data recovery services from damaged data carriers has emerged. With expert knowledge, sparks of enthusiasm, and a future-oriented vision, MAITIM developed the first professional data recovery and forensic IT analysis laboratory in Slovenia. The laboratory is equipped with highly advanced devices that meet the highest required standards, including a dust-free room and a chamber (Class 100 Room). The laboratory remains number one in Slovenia, thanks to constant knowledge and equipment upgrades that enable us to successfully deal with even the most demanding data loss situations. The success rate of recovered data from various storage media (damaged hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, etc.) is over 95%.

The completeness of the offer and computer services

For many years, we have been providing advanced and reliable service and repairs for personal computers, laptops, and server systems. Our services are carried out either at our company or on-site. We are available to both individuals and various companies. In addition to free advice, we provide comprehensive information system solutions, including servers, graphic workstations, peripheral units, and software. Comprehensive solutions include all four implementation phases, from consulting and delivery to on-site execution and subsequent (contractual) maintenance. Professional equipment is also available for establishing a video surveillance system.

Trust experience

When deciding who to turn to for purchasing or repairing your computer, it's helpful to know that we offer professional, yet free advice.

and to those who provide them.

Our company's long-standing tradition, determination, focus, and love for technology have brought us the necessary experience in very complex and rapidly developing areas of modern technology.

Your first aid for serious errors, hacking and system crashes

For many years, we have been renowned for solving complex situations and errors for our clients, which have become increasingly common due to rapid technological progress, software development, and hacking incidents. We pride ourselves on our high success rate in solving Crypto Ransomware attacks.

Always ready and flexible.

In a multi-consumer system where mass production, the power of mega-corporations, and impersonalization prevail, we believe that there is and will continue to be a space for a warm personal yet professional approach to the customer. In fact, we believe that it will become increasingly welcome again. Therefore, we persistently strive to provide high-quality products and services. Our long-standing tradition has brought us essential experiences in complex and rapidly evolving fields such as computing, electronics, and information technology. Our priorities are knowledge, professional advice, maximum effort and energy, and a warm personal touch.

Bojan, univ. dipl. ing.

director, data recovery laboratory and consulting


computer service, maintenance, consulting


marketing, commercial and accounting


Alenka, univ. dipl. nov.

marketing manager, marketing, commercial, PR


years of presence on the Slovenian market, domestic development and commitment.

Professional laboratory for data recovery from damaged media.

Individual, personal approach, free expert advice for everyone.

In concern for society and the environment

In the company, we are committed to reducing pressure on the environment and supporting ways that will lead us to a future that coexists and respects nature. In support of raising awareness about environmental issues, we have incorporated ourselves under the name MAITIM e-energy into the scheme of modern solutions in sustainable development, renewable energy sources, and electric mobility. We offer modern, high-performance, highly functional, and high-quality solar LED streetlights and universal charging stations for BI-charged electric bicycles. The latter we carefully designed and developed in collaboration with excellent Slovenian designers at MAITIM. We have created unique, universal, functional, technologically, and stylishly sophisticated charging stations for e-bikes that, like chameleons, adapt to urban, rural, or mountainous environments with their modular design and various supports.

Office and online presence

Our company headquarters, including a showroom, service center, and warehouse, is located in the municipality of Kamnik, approximately 20 kilometers from Ljubljana. However, we are also present online. In our brand new online store,, you can find a wide selection of top-quality computer and other electronic equipment from renowned manufacturers. We also offer a program for home, garden, sports, and leisure. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online store or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Osebna izkaznica:

Company nameMAITIM Computers d.o.o.
AddressKamniška 39, 1241 Kamnik
CountrySlovenia – EU
Telefon+386 1 830 33 60
Mobi+386 41 618 253,,
Tax numberSI 36886220
Registration number5602564
Bank accountSI56 0230 0001 0678 260 (NLB d.d., BIC banke: LJBASI2X)
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