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Introducing MAITIM’s Universal E-bike Charging Stations

BI-charged Charging Station Wins Bronze Award for Innovation!

We are thrilled and proud to announce that on June 19, 2024, we received the prestigious bronze award for our innovative e-bike charging station, BI-charged! This accolade was awarded to us by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Central Slovenian Chamber (GZS), the largest and most influential business network in Slovenia. The BI-charged charging station is the result of our team’s dedicated work and vision, continuously striving for progress and innovation. This recognition confirms that we are on the right path and further motivates us to continue developing advanced solutions. Thank you for your support and trust.


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At MAITIM, we take pride in supporting the growth of electric mobility as an essential component of socially responsible sustainable development in both urban and rural regions. With a rich 30-year history of innovation and excellence, we have partnered with leading Slovenian experts and designers to create the Universal E-bike Charging Stations. Our charging stations are not only unique, but they are also multifunctional, technologically advanced, 100% safe and designed to perfection.

Charge Ahead: A Closer Look at E-Bike Charging Stations in This Video

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Our commitment to sustainable development drives us to create e-bike charging solutions that not only support electric mobility but also contribute to reducing carbon footprints. By providing a convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly charging experience, we aim to encourage more individuals to adopt electric mobility and contribute to a greener future.

At MAITIM, we understand the importance of innovation, and that’s why we have designed our e-bike charging stations to be compatible with all electric bikes. Our charging stations are also equipped with advanced technology to ensure safe and efficient charging, while their stylish designs make them a beautiful addition to any urban or rural environment.

With MAITIM, you can be confident that you’re investing in the best, most advanced e-bike charging solutions available. We are passionate about sustainability and making the world a better place, one charge at a time.

An e-bike parking option is available from all sides of the charging station. The supporting pillar also serves as a stand for electric bikes, allowing them to be securely locked to the charging station using an ingeniously attached bicycle lock. The standard e-bike charging station is also equipped with a pump and tools for quick fixes.

For every e-biker embarking on a long-distance ride, finding an e-bike charging station can be a source of worry. However, it is up to us to eliminate this concern and ensure that e-bikers have access to charging stations when they need them.

Cruise with Confidence: The Power of E-Bike Charging Stations for Long, Comfortable, and Relaxing Rides

E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity due to their numerous advantages over both cars and traditional bikes. Compared to cars, e-bikes are more eco-friendly, easier to park in cities, and promote physical exercise. When compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes make long-distance cycling and uphill rides more manageable. Additionally, they reduce physical strain and are suitable for a wider range of people, including those who are not in the best physical shape or who have health issues. E-bikes are also an excellent way to spend leisure time and holidays actively.

One of the most significant benefits of e-bikes is that they allow riders to relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about physical exhaustion. With the assistance of the motor, e-bike riders can effortlessly navigate various terrains and distances while taking in their surroundings.

As more people seek eco-friendly, healthy, and enjoyable ways to get around, e-bikes have become an increasingly popular choice. Their numerous advantages make them a practical and enjoyable alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

Recharge Your E-Bike on the Go

Power for Every Journey

While your e-bike is being powered up, take a break and recharge yourself too!

While your ebike‘s battery is being charged, you can securely lock the locker and go wherever you please be it for a cup of coffee or a stroll.


This modular ebike charging station is built with a secure, powdercoated INOX material housing, which can be installed on a carrier or wallmounted. It provides four 230V socket outlets and four USB ports, allowing you to charge your ebike‘s battery, as well as your mobile phone, portable battery, or any other small USB device. If the charger is fixed on an electric bike, it can be connected to electricity via cable.


The Charging Station comes with wiring ready to be connected to the existing electrical network. The included lock is easy to use and ensures the safety of the batteries and other devices being charged inside the locker.

PERFORMANCES: freestanding single or double stations, also wall-mounted multiple charging compartment lockers in one place.

FINDING THE SWEET SPOT: Optimal Locations for Universal E-Bike Charging Stations

The integration of e-bike charging stations is an essential component of any comprehensive e-mobility infrastructure in cities, suburbs, countryside, and cycling mountain trails.

It presents a unique opportunity for municipalities, tourist associations, hoteliers, and e-bike providers to fulfill a growing need for charging infrastructure at resting spots and parking areas for e-bike riders.

These charging stations should be strategically placed at bus and railway stations, near bars and hotels, in camps, caravanning resorts, and all tourist attraction points, including city centers, parks, shopping centers, office buildings, parking garages, and multifamily facilities.

Harmonizing with All Environments

BIcharged has a modular design that allows it to blend into any architectural or natural environment, just like a chameleon! With custommade options for selecting different supporting pillars of unique forms, materials, and colors, they will fit perfectly into urban, rural, or mountain landscapes.

Check it out! Standard MAITIM EBIKE charging stations offer 360° bike parking, allowing ebikes to be parked from all sides of the station.


You can opt for a paid or free charging station.

Two standard payment options: RFID identification and digital lock with numeric password.

Optional: upgrade to different payment systems (coin deposit lock, card payment, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi …).

We also provide bike stands and backrests.

Please review our offer by clicking the button below.


Also perfect for charging electric scooters, two-wheeled bikes, electric skateboards, hover boards, electric wheelchairs and more!

Unlocking the Possibilities:

Locking and Unlocking the Locker

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VIDEO: locking (4-digit code by user’s choice).

Activate the lock by pressing *, enter any 4-digit code of your choice, remember it and press “lock” (key button). Confirm the code by entering all 4 digits again and then once more press the “key” button. The locker and all your possessions inside are now safely locked. You can enjoy your free time, while the battery is charging, any way you want. Relax!

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VIDEO: unlocking the locker.

After the charging has completed, the LED light will flash in yellow colour. Unlock the locker by pressing* and then enter your 4-digit code, that was chosen for locking. Press the “key” button and the locker will unlock. Now you can open the door.


The charging station is designed to be safe in all weather conditions and can be installed outdoors without a shelter. It is engineered to ensure that the user cannot come into contact with any voltage, and the electrical current in the sockets only becomes active once the cabinet is locked. This feature is particularly important in areas where there is a risk of condensed moisture, rain, or snow, as it helps to prevent any accidental contact with electrical components. Additionally, it is especially important for the safety of individuals with pacemakers.

One of the key benefits of the charging station is that it provides protection for the most expensive component of an e-bike: the battery. Users can securely lock their battery and other belongings in the cabinet using a digital lock, and then move away from the charging station for an extended period, as the charging process typically takes several hours. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience for e-bike riders, while also ensuring that their valuable equipment remains safe and secure.

Find our e-bike charging stations, following this link: OUR PROJECTS AND REFERENCES

The functional LED illumination of the locker

informs users when the locker is locked/unlocked and when the battery is fully charged.

green LED light

E-bike charging station is opened and ready to use. Open the door, plug in the battery and lock the locker.

yellow LED light

Yellow glows: charging is in progress. Yellow flashes: charging has completed.

red LED light

Error, charging is disabled. The switch inside the locker must be moved to ON position.

One button locker allows users to charge their e-bikes at the same time .
You can safely chain your bike to the charging station, which also comes with a lock.
Pump and tools for minor repair of electric bikes.
Inside the locker: 4x 230V, 4x USB, electricity consumption meter, Switch: ON/OFF.

BI-charged: Unlocking the Power of Charging Lockers

Multiple Charging Compartment Lockers in One Place – a Space-Saving and Practical Solution for Areas with High Foot Traffic and Limited Space.

The Ideal Solution for Space-Constrained Areas

A Multiple Set of Charging Lockers linked together is an ideal solution for public places with high foot traffic, where physical space is limited. The lockers can be free-standing or wall-mounted.


Additional options:

Installing at Railway and Bus Stations

DOUBLE THE BENEFITS! BI-charged charging stations and lockers promote:

For instance, a worker can arrive at the station with an ebike, connect the battery to electric power inside the locker, and then take the bus or train to work. At the end of the day, they will find a fully charged and securely stored battery.

E-bike Charging Station's Catalogue

Please feel free to download our PDF presentation of BI-charged Charging Stations by clicking the button on your right.

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