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Bringing Solar Energy to the Streets with high-performance Solar LED Street Lights

Take advantage of our solutions and save up to 100% on monthly costs for public and other street lighting.

Shining a Light on Sustainability: Solar LED Street Lights

Thanks to its advanced technology and superior performance, solar LED street lighting has emerged as the optimal solution for efficient illumination of all outdoor areas, be it public or private spaces.

Modern solar LED street lights are meticulously engineered for dependable and enduring performance, requiring minimal upkeep and effortless installation.

The Future is Solar

Solar LED street lighting outshines traditional mercury-vapor lighting in so many ways. Not only does it significantly cut energy consumption and costs, but it also helps preserve the environment by reducing light pollution. Plus, with no need for an electrical connection, solar LED lights offer hassle-free installation, long-lasting durability, and minimal maintenance costs. Choose solar LED lights and see the light in a whole new way!

LED lighting technology is a powerhouse of efficiency, consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting during operation. But when you combine top-of-the-line solar and LED technology, energy consumption can be reduced by a whopping 100%! With free solar energy captured by solar cells and built-in sensors to intelligently brighten up the surroundings, solar LED lights are the smart and eco-friendly choice for modern illumination. Let the power of the sun light up your world with solar LED lighting!

Anywhere outside, as long as they are placed in a sunny location. Solar LED street lights are versatile and suitable for a wide range of areas, from municipal and commercial spaces to private properties. They work wonders illuminating city streets, town centers, roads, pedestrian paths, bike paths, parking lots, bus stops, playgrounds, cemeteries, and more. In the past, solar LED lighting was mainly used for decorative or ambient lighting in small areas without an electrical connection. However, nowadays, their efficiency and performance make them a practical and reliable option for illuminating larger spaces with ease.

Thanks to the progress and innovation in technology, solar LED lights are now incredibly powerful, versatile, and highly functional, outperforming traditional streetlights in many ways. As a result, they are the preferred choice for illuminating all outdoor areas, particularly those without access to an electrical connection, as they offer significant cost savings and environmental benefits. With their superior performance and advanced features, solar LED lights are the future of outdoor lighting.

How LED Street Lights are Paving the Way for Cleaner, Greener Cities:

Light Up the Night MSS-30W-ESR

Optimal choice

We offer a wide range of products, but we are primarily focused on offering the MSS-30W-ESR solar LED light, which has been specifically designed for our market and has been chosen based on experience, calculations, and testing.

The light is of high quality, affordable, with optimized parameters for all its components, making it the best choice for European climate, and also allows for easy upgrades.

Definitely your first and best choice

Solar LED Street Light All in One Model - 30W, 170 lm/W

The characteristics of teh lamp:

the power of the LED light source: 30 W (USA CREE LED), the color of the light: 2700K – 6500K, temperature range from – 25 to 65 °C, lifespan of the lamp 50000 hours +, certified and standardized, Intelligent Charging Regulator, Intelligent controller for transferring energy from solar panel, the ability to adjust the mode of operation with a remote control, LED luminance: 170 lm/W. Battery Ternary Li-ion 218.4 Wh, lifespan of the battery: 5 – 8 years. Solar panel: 35W, efficiency 21%, lifespan 25+ years. The possibility of connecting additional solar panels and batteries, modular design (easy replacable parts, such as battery), high-quality materials for protection against weather impacts, rust, and vandalism. Due to its slim design, it is also safe against very strong wind gusts.


MSS-30W-ESR is ready for an upgrade to "365 nights" system

The MSS-30W-ESR solar lights can be upgraded with the 365 system at any time and anywhere when needed.

Unbreakable Quality That Endures All Tests

  • Solar panels lifespan 25+ years

    The solar panels, or monocrystalline silicon laminated panels (Taiwan Motech), ensure 20-21% efficiency of light conversion and have a lifespan of over 25 years.

  • USA CREE LED, 170 LM/W

    Highly efficient USA CREE LED light circuitry with light efficiency of 170 LM/W and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

  • Protected against weather influences

    Strong, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant aluminum casing with ribbed reinforcement that also protects against salt, dust, and all weather conditions (IP65 standard).

  • Certified and Standardized

    CE, RoHs, FCC and ISO9001:2015

  • Efficient heat dissipation

    Patented system for efficient heat dissipation (UNICASE air channel).

Multifunctional and easy to use / install

Saves Energy

Automatic turn-on at sunset and turn-off at sunrise. Motion sensor ensures that the light shines at full power only when necessary (when motion is detected in the surroundings).

Ternary Li-ion Batteries

Advantages compared to LiFePO4 batteries: larger capacity per battery, longer lifespan, good performance at high and low temperatures. Includes built-in electronics for safe operation. Ternary lithium batteries are also found in modern electric vehicles such as Tesla.

In-built motion sensor

It enables various and also adjustable lighting modes: NEW – a total of 11 different operating modes, which are controlled by the included remote control.


Sensor mode: 1)3H 100%-9H 25%+PIR, 2)4H 100%-8H 25%+PIR, 3)5H 100%-7H 25%+PIR, 4)6H 100%-6H 25%+PIR, 5)12H 25%+PIR. Time mode: 1)4H 100% +OFF, 2)6H 100% +OFF, 3)6H 100%+2H 50% +OFF, 4)6H 100%+4H 50% +OFF, 5)6H 100%+6H 50%+OFF.

+Factory preset.

Easy to replace parts

The pull-push design of the housing allows for easy replacement of the battery or controller.

Possible additional connections to the solar led lamp mss-30W-esr

In order to ensure the operation of the solar lamp 365 days a year, the MSS-30W-ESR model offers optional connections:

  1. additional solar panels
  2. additional battery
  3. 230V AC adapter for connecting the lamp to the mains.

sustainable development

For the society, which keeps our planet green, let’s create a more nature-friendly future today, tomorrow may be too late.

With solar LED street lighting, there is no need for electrical wiring, as the lights operate independently of the electrical grid. This avoids the expense and often time-consuming process of obtaining permits for electrical installation, excavation costs, and laying electrical conductors, as well as the cost of connecting to the public electrical grid. In addition, all of our lights have a modular design, making installation easy and adaptable to any situation. They can be mounted on poles, walls, or even traditional lamp posts (streetlights), with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Solar LED lights are classified into two groups based on their composition. The first group consists of patented ALL-IN-ONE solar lights, where all components are housed together, making installation on poles simple and straightforward. The second group comprises lights with a separate solar module. This design allows the user to position the solar module facing directly south to maximize sunlight exposure, while positioning the LED light in the direction where light is most needed.

These lights have high-performance solar modules built-in, which exclusively convert sunlight into energy, making them a green energy source. By adopting this type of lighting, you can help meet the requirements of the European directive on limiting CO2 emissions in the environment.

Our solar lights can operate for up to 5 days, even in exclusively cloudy or rainy weather conditions, which eliminates the need for electricity bills at the end of each month. This is especially important given the increasing cost of electricity for consumers. The monocrystalline solar modules used in our lights effectively convert sunlight into electricity. In all-in-one lights, the solar module is located on the top of the light, which ensures maximum exposure to sunlight. This energy is used to charge a high-performance lithium-ion battery that has a long lifespan. When the battery reaches the end of its life, it can be easily replaced with a new one. Our electronics ensure efficient battery charging and discharging, powering the LED diodes, and protecting the battery from overcharging or over-discharging, while also protecting the light from any issues that may arise during operation. It is important to ensure that the solar module receives as much sunlight as possible, without being shaded when installing the lights.

Our solar lighting options use energy-efficient LED diodes, while our all-in-one lights feature high-quality CREE LED technology. These LED lights have an incredibly long lifespan, capable of lasting up to 50,000 hours – significantly longer than traditional mercury or sodium bulbs.

They effectively save energy thanks to the built-in sensors. A light sensor for automatic on/off ensures that the light turns on by itself when it gets dark and turns off when the sun rises.

Additional PIR or microwave sensors allow for partial dimming when the surroundings are quiet (illumination is not needed). When motion is detected within a certain radius, the light immediately shines at full power for 30 seconds, and in idle mode, it shines only at partial power (usually 25 or 30%), greatly reducing energy consumption.

The light fixtures are constructed using 100% anodized aluminum, which makes them lightweight, sealed, waterproof, unbreakable, and resistant to oxidation. Additionally, they offer protection against corrosion, rust, dust, and vandalism. These fixtures meet the standard protection rating of IP65.

Once installed, these lights require very little maintenance. They are designed in a modular way, allowing for easy and fast repair or replacement of any malfunctioning or worn-out parts. For instance, the extract-push mechanism provides quick access to the worn-out battery or malfunctioning controller. As a result, maintenance costs are negligible compared to traditional lights.

SOLAR LED PLAZA LIGHT - night and day photos

Can a solar light work 365 days a year?

Unfortunately, a classic solar light without additional panels and batteries in Europe cannot. Despite the exceptional progress in technology, our area is at a disadvantage when it comes to sunlight exposure. And this is a factor that needs the most attention when looking for an optimal solution. However, there are already solutions that can approach the desired 365 days a year. We offer them here, and a new system that will be available in the next few months is also under development. More information can be found below.

Solar LED street light are divided into groups:

Important information when selecting solar LED lamps

How can we increase the autonomy of solar lights?

By thoughtfully and appropriately installing additional solar panels and batteries onto the solar LED light.

365 Nights of Sustainable Light: Our Innovative Solar Solutions

Replacement of classic street lamps with solar ones in places with electrical installations

Solar LED street lamp with an additional battery in the lower part of the pole

All-in-one solar LED light with additional flexible solar panels and batteries

We replace the traditional street light with a new solar one that has a built-in charger, which, with its special electronics, ensures the addition of only the missing energy during prolonged rainy and cloudy periods.

The solar LED street light is installed in a location where there is no electrical wiring. We incorporate an additional battery into the lower part of the lamppost, which the maintainer charges using an additional charger after extended periods of rainy and cloudy weather, allowing the light to continue shining for an additional 3-5 days without sunlight.

SYSTEM 365 – installation of panels and batteries beneath the light. To enable the light to operate independently all year round, we require an additional 180W of solar panels and four more batteries. Our development team is currently working on an offer for top-of-the-line 180W solar panels with maximum efficiency in the market. The installation of the panels and batteries will be around the pole under the light to avoid overburdening it, particularly in windy conditions. The system comprises four panels connected to special electronics that guarantee optimal energy output, even in adverse weather conditions. The vertical installation of these panels offers several advantages, such as a special ETFE layer with miniature lenses that keep the panels clean and free from snow. Additionally, the panels are flexible, almost indestructible, and can rotate according to wind direction, reducing the need for stronger lampposts.


  • KOMUNALA, javno podjetje d.o.o., MURSKA SOBOTA
  • Komunala Tolmin, d.o.o.
  • Nexen d.o.o., Banja Luka
  • UTRIP d.o.o., NOVO MESTO
  • ELMOND, d.o.o., LENDAVA
  • ARH d.o.o. Leskovec
  • MARJETICA KOPER, d.o.o.-s.r.l.


All-in-one solar LED lamps (model MSS-30W-ESR) with additional flexible solar panels and batteries mounted under the lamp. COMING SOON! Will ensure the operation of the solar lighting system 365 nights a year! The product is the result of our development.

Perfectly new, powerful and high quality

Experience the latest in solar technology with our MSS-30W-ESR solar LED lights, equipped with the most advanced flexible ETFE solar panels. With an efficiency greater than 25% and a wide spectrum of light exploitation, our solar panels can work under different angles of illumination, ensuring maximum energy output. Our SUNPOWER solar cells, made in the USA, combined with Ternary Li-Ion batteries, provide exceptional performance for outdoor use in any weather conditions.

The basic module provides 736W of solar panel power and a battery capacity of up to 1,575Wh. This capacity can be increased by adding additional batteries and solar panels to the solar LED light MSS-30W-ESR. The system can also be configured with multiple modules of solar panels and batteries.

The high power of the solar panels ensures charging even in cloudy weather or shady areas.

Modular design, numerous options

The system is designed modularly and can be offered with different battery capacities and panel power. Stronger support poles are not needed, and additional solar panels and batteries can be added later. All batteries are easily replaceable.

Resistant to hail, snow, dirt.

The vertical and flexible mounting ensures resistance to all weather conditions and strong winds, while the panels are self-cleaning in the rain. The panels also stay free from snow in snowstorms.

Model of a micro solar power plant next to the bus station - project in preparation.

The Future is Solar

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